A Visit from the Crew

After Paris, I headed back to London and, unfortuntely, back to work. Being a high school teacher, it was hard to get extra time off and I couldn’t join my friends Josh, Sophia, Brianna, Donya, Bryan, Ali and Joao as they went off to Valencia. However, they did all make their way (barely as they were all so hungover from copious amounts of drinking on Spanish beaches)  back to London to visit. The first night they were all pooped from a long day of being hungover so I met up with them where Josh and Sophia were staying in  Dalston. We had a relaxed night of catching up and making food from the Tescos across the street. Brianna, being a long time friend, came to stay at my place for her visit, taking me back to our slumber party days.

The next day I had to work but luckily I met up with the crew at Camden market where we explored the stalls and shops and ate tasty food.


I then took the crew for a walk, stopping for phone booth photos, to Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, my favourite spots in London. We walked down through the gardens, braving a bit of rain, looking at the fountains and staued and manicured shrubbery  before making our way back to my place in Islington for a Friday night of drinks and snacks.


The next day we did some exploring of other parts of London like Bank to see the Gherkin Bilding, Brick Lane market where we stopped for some  delicious Indian food, and Shoreditch to check out some great street art. I again felt like a tour guide but truly enjoyed showing my bet friends my favourite city. Living somewhere long enough makes you forget how great a place is until you see it through fresh eyes.

After wandering around town, we bought 2 litre bottles of Strongbow cider and some beers and had drinks in the park in Angel before going to the Angel Comedy Club for some free laughs. I went to the Angel Comedy Club on several occasions in London as it was free and based on tip and only a short walk from my house. It also made for a good alternative to going to the bar or expensive West End shows for entertainment.

After the comedy, we bought some food to munch on and some more drinks to guzzle and headed to Charlie’s flat in Angel where we had more laughs before heading to one of the most notorious places from my time in London: The Wenlock and Essex. The Wenlock and Essex is a large, pub-style bar in the front and a small club (featuring a light up dance floor, a mirrored ceiling and neon lights in the form of naked women) in the back. As it was close to home, I frequented it more than I would like to admit. We danced in the hot room with my roommates and sipped on some drinks until we all decided to call it a night.

Josh in a Sombraro at Charlie’s


The next day Bryan and Donya left for more adventures and during the rest of their time there, Brianna, Sophia and Josh expeirenced alot of the classics like Trafalgar Square and  the National Gallery. It was also Brianna’s birthday and we celebrated by going for Pho in Shoreditch and walking back to my house along Regent’s Canal  to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones. That was the season with a very dramatic ending and Brianna was very upset claiming it ruined her birthday.

Post Pho walk along Regent’s Canal

It was then Josh and Sophia’s turn to leave so the next day, I met up with Brianna after work at the Tower of London and we walked along the Thames. I showed her more London sights like Tower Bridge, the London Eye and Big Ben which she had to see before she left the next day. It was a lovely way to end to a great visit from my favourite people but it wasn’t too sad of a goodbye as my time to leave London was coming ever closer as well.


More about my final weeks later. But until then,




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